James Swank

Hi – I'm the James Swank that was born in Baltimore, Maryland, went to Stoneleigh School, then went to McDonough School, then went to Cherry Lawn School, then went to California Institute of the Arts, then went to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, then lived in Venice, California, while making performance art and working at Photo & Sound, then lived in Dallas, Texas, and worked at Creative Communications Group, then lived in New York City while making large interactive sculpture and working as a freelance technician and designer, then moved to Anza, California, while still making large interactive sculpture and working as a freelance technical director and stage manager, then gave up everything and
joined the community at Harbin Hot Springs in search of happiness. I found it there, becoming a bodyworker on land
and in water, and a yoga teacher, using the name "Nala". I started traveling around the world giving bodywork sessions
and teaching bodywork. After several years I chose to stay in Vienna, Austria, where I created a body of work I called
Deep Living along with my partner Sarah, who had joined me along the way. We later moved to Wietzow, Germany,
where we had a child, Sylvyn. Then we settled in Berlin, Germany, where we currently live and continue to spread our work.

Here's what we're doing now:

Personal Coaching
Our Primary Coaching Business is

and we've created another coaching business where we help men gain more confidence in their relations with women


School for Shy Men

Our most recent passion is writing songs, and to that end we have created a band we call

Family / Community
We are interested in creating new and more wonderful ways of living together

We also write books about our work


Contact Info
email– • tel.– +49 (0)30 40 99 99 30 • Forstweg 28, 13465 Berlin, Germany

Our Music is available through most online music outlets such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Band Camp

Here's a video of our latest song
For more information about our band

Click here to go to Purrfuct's Facebook Page

Click here to go to Purrfuct's YouTube Channel

We are currently raising our child in a threesome relationship and are interested in exploring group and line marriage

⦿ ⦿ ⦿

And we are members of a living community in northwestern Berlin


Click here to go to the Deep Living Community website

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