James and Sarah Swank

We live in Berlin, Germany and are partners in life and business.
We keep this page to share information about the different projects we are involved in.

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Seventeen years ago James let go of the life he was living and began a search for happiness and fulfillment. Six years later Sarah joined him on that path. Together we have defined a way of looking at the world and a personal practice that has helped us, and many others, achieve that goal. We have developed a coaching practice that offers sessions, groups, and trainings that help people transform their lives. We call this work and this practice Deep Living.

Several years ago we felt it was time to make our Deep Living work available to a wider audience than those who could work with us in person. We worked together to create a book that explains Deep Living and gives the information necessary to begin a Deep Living Practice. The name of this book is Deep Living: A practical path to happiness and fulfillment through honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility. Since our practice is in Germany we also created a German translation of the book.


These books provide a comprehensive view of Deep Living, but some people found them a bit too detailed and focused on developing a personal practice, so we created another book we titled An Intorduction to Deep Living. This book is a great introduction to Deep Living and also serves as a helpful aid, if you already have a Deep Living practice, reminding you of the core aspects of the Deep Living point of view.


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In the process of creating the Deep Living books we formed a publishing imprint we call Lyryll. We have several other publishing projects in the works and will announce them here as they come to fruition.

As we have been pursuing this work for quite a few years now, we are extremely happy about the development of a Deep Living Community.

The Deep Living Community

This community exists at two levels. The first consists of many of the people who have worked with us and come to realize that once you begin a practice of honesty, courage, consciousness and self-responsibility it is much more fun to spend time with other people who are also interested in exploring these things. These people frequently spend time together and many long-term relationships have developed between people interested in Deep Living. We fully support the development of this community. One place these people can connect is through our Deep Living Facebook group.

Deep Living Community Facebook Group

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An even more exciting and more recent development is that several people have felt motivated to join us in creating an actual living community.

The Deep Living Living Community

Last year we began a new venture. Motivated by seeing how many of our male clients are very insecure in their relationships with women, and that several of our female friends were looking for a more fun and fulfilling career opportunity, we have created a new school where women can help men address their insecurities, teach them what women are looking for in men, and give them opportunities to experience contact with real women so they develop the confidence they need to be attractive to women. We call this venture the School for Shy Men.

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This business continues to grow and has helped several men vastly improve their lives. We are happy to see that the school is effective and we look forward to helping more men have deeper connections and happier lives.

Our most consuming, though most gratifying project, is our son Sylvyn. We will occasionally post new photos here as he grows.


Feel free to contact us at info@jamesswank.org

Thanks for your interest.


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The first of these is a new series of books we call
Principles of Life.

This will be a series of simple, colorful, and informative booklets we intend to create that will share how James perceives the world, in a way that allows him to see people, their motivations, and their true desires so clearly.

In that this is a radically different way of looking at and understanding the world, we have decided to present this information in small easily graspable bits that will build on each other. Each booklet will provide information that needs to be read, reread, played with, and experienced to be truly understood. The different booklets will provide the many pieces of information that can guide one on the path to obtaining the ability to perceive the world in this extremely gratifying and effective way.

The books are colorful combinations of words and illustrations that impart the information in a fun and simple way, a style we intend to continue as the series progresses.


We are happy to announce the first two volumes in this series:
Energy Basics & Living in the Enegy Field.

These booklets give a fundamental description of what to look for and consider while learning to perceive the energetic nature of reality and
how to approach life considering this information.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of these books please contact us at info@jamesswank.org. The cost of each book is 10€ + 3€ shipping and handling. Theses books are also available by order through most booksellers.

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